September 17, 2008

Is it crazy?

It was reported in newspapers that the PM thinks it is crazy to suggest that he would arrest the MPs who are crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat.

He also labelled Anwar’s call for the BN government not to declare emergency or detain under the ISA any MPs who were crossing over as “crazy”.

“That’s crazy to even suggest that I would arrest these people under ISA just because of their decision,” he said, adding that Anwar wanted to picture him as someone who used force and was dictatorial.

- Sept 16, 2008 - the Sun

No, Mr PM we don't think that is a crazy suggestion. What many Malaysians think is crazy are the following:

  • It is CRAZY to arrest under the ISA the Sin Chew Daily reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng for doing her job in reporting truthfully racial remarks uttered by an UMNO politician and for the Home Minister to claim later that she was arrested for her own protection.

  • It is CRAZY to arrest under the ISA a democratically-elected member of parliament, Teresa Kok on baseless and non-existing grounds when the authorities should be investigating the malicious and unfounded accusations made against her by Khir Toyo and the lies reported by Utusan Malaysia.

  • It is CRAZY to arrest under the ISA Raja Petra who is well-known for his courage and commitment to justice and a non-racial approach to national issues and who has exposed many abuses and corruption through his blog which otherwise would not have seen the light.

Mr PM can you blame Anwar or other Malaysians for worrying about your government's craziness in invoking the ISA?

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