September 15, 2008

RPK may be in danger

It has been reported in the People's Parliament blog that RPK's life may be in danger. Apparently, RPK has been on hunger strike since Friday when he was arrested under the ISA. This may lead to kidney failure which can endanger his life if he is not given proper medical attention. This news has caused great concern among his supporters. They call for the Pakatan Rakyat to expedite their 916 plan since the only sure way RPK and Teresa Kok can be released from ISA detention is to removed the morally bankrupt BN government.

According to the latest update on Malaysia Today, "DSP Ibrahim Jaffar called Madam Marina at 12pm (15 Sept 2008), to inform her that her family can visit RPK in Bukit Aman at 11am tomorrow. His laywers are also allowed to do so at 11am on Thursday (18 Sept 2008)." Although this is welcome news, it still does not remove people's fear that he and Teresa Kok will be detain further.

Pakatan Rakyat, please move on your 916 plan!

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