September 15, 2008

Letter to Speaker on Teresa’s ISA arrest

Lim Kit Siang has written a letter to the Speaker in Parliament to request for necessary actions to protect one the members of parliament, Teresa Kok who was arrested under the ISA. He says in the letter that as an independent branch of the government Parliament cannot take lightly the use of ISA against an MP. Kit Siang added,

"Parliament never enacted the Internal Security Act to provide the Police with powers to detain persons to undertake a “fishing expedition” to ascertain the truth or otherwise of baseless and defamatory allegations against an MP, just as the ISA was never enacted to protect the personal safety of a journalist – the ridiculous excuse given by the Home Minister to justify the farce and scandal of the 18-hour ISA detention of senior Sin Chew reporter, Tan Hoon Cheng."

You can read the complete text of the letter at Lim Kit Siang's blog.

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