September 12, 2008

Raja Petra arrested under ISA (Malaysiakini) - Release RPK!

It was too good to be true when the MCMC restored access to the Malaysia Today website yesterday. Raja Petra's immediate response was "I'm always suspicious of their next move. There is always a hidden agenda," as reported in MalaysiaKini.

Sure enough, we now have news that RPK has been arrested under the ISA at 1.10 pm today. Although there were earlier hints that this may happen it still came as a shock.

It is ridiculous that Ahmad Ismail who had made very serious racial remarks which threatened the country's peace were only given a suspension term by UMNO without any further action by the police even though many police reports have been made. Instead they have decided to detain RPK. Whatever reasons they are going to use to justify detaining RPK will not hold water. Few Malaysians will believe that RPK's actions threaten national security. He may be a thorn in the side for a few BN leaders but he is no threat to the country. In fact, many Malaysians would credit him for his bravery in exposing wrong-doings in high places and for raising the political conciousness of Malaysians.

Does this action together with the show-cause letters issued by the Home Ministry to The Sun, Sin Chew Daily and PKR's publication Suara Keadilan yesterday over their coverage of political issues signal a clampdown on legitimate dissent, criticisms and unbias news reporting in the country? We certainly hope not as such high-handed actions will only strengthen further the resolve of Malaysians fighting for a better Malaysia and will hasten the demise of the BN.

All Malaysians must oppose the use the draconian ISA in stifling polical dissent and demand the release RPK.

Please take note of and sms out the following notice from the People's Parliament:

‘RPK detained under ISA. Pls come to Kelana Jaya Stadium 8pm 15th September, 2008 to show solidarity for RPK’.

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